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I enjoy reading above all other activities. When I was a child I spent all my pocket money on books, and it’s been a slippery, expensive slope ever since. I spend as much of my wages that I can get away with (plus some) on books, and the most welcome Christmas and birthday presents are books or book vouchers. I love ebooks and I love physical books.

I work with books. I read to escape and I read for interest. I eat with a book propped in front of me. The only kind of shopping I can tolerate is for books. I have untidy, teetering piles of books around my house. I assume you have at least some of these traits if you read book review sites, and you are welcome to visit here.

I will regularly post articles that I think will interest readers. Feel free to start or join in any discussion.

What it’s all about: the reviews

The main focus of this site is book reviews – fiction and non-fiction – mainly from indie-authors and small presses, but with the occasional book from a more well-known house. Whether you read one book a year or two hundred, I hope you will find the reviews useful for helping to pick your next read.

All the reviews follow a pattern: blurb and info about the book; my thoughts on the story or content; a section called Editorial input, where I give my opinion on how well the book has been edited and proofread; what I think of the cover; my thoughts on the internal design; how suitable the book would be for a book club; what other reviewers think of the book; some of the places you can buy the book; where you can follow the author; links to other sites relating to the author or the book. Most of this is just my opinion, of course. If you read a book and agree with me, you might be inclined to act on my recommendation for another book. If you read a book and don’t agree with me, say so. You can comment on any review or article, or with one click of the mouse let people know whether you agree, partially agree, or disagree with a review (a comment would be most welcome to elaborate on your vote). Once you have read a few of the same books that I have, you will know whether you agree with what I’ve said, and know how likely you are to follow up on future recommendations.

Readerly posts

I will regularly post articles that I hope readers will enjoy and find interesting. If you are also a writer, or interested in the writing process, pop over to the writers’ part of this site for writerly articles.

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