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In this wing I will be talking about writing, editing, grammar, self-publishing, social media, techy stuff, marketing … anything and everything that I hope writers will want to read about, in no particular order and cutting straight to the chase. There are people writing on the internet with a much greater knowledge of these areas than I have, so I will also point you at articles and blog posts that I think are worth a look.

There is a proliferation of articles for writers and publishers and it can be overwhelming and a massive time-suck to try and read even a tiny fraction of those that are recommended, so I will post only what I think you will find genuinely useful and recommend only what I think is really worth the time to read.

I plan for this to be the only writerly waffly post you will see from me. Those that follow will be informative and concise (at least according to the plan).

What it’s all about: the reviews

The book reviews (fiction and non-fiction) will be predominantly from indie published authors or very small presses, with the occasional book from a more well-known house. All reviews will have a section called Editorial input, where I give my opinion on how well the book has been edited and proofread. This is just my opinion, of course, as is the review itself. I hope it doesn’t come across as arrogance – I’m not making any claim to knowing better than anyone else or trying to force my views on you. If you read a book and agree with me, you might be inclined to act on my recommendation for another book. If you read a book and don’t agree with me, say so.

I also comment on the cover – a massively important part of any book, I think – but I am on dodgy ground here as I have zero intuition for design or anything visual (on a par with my ear for music, my feeling of rhythm for dancing and my sense of direction). I will post a picture of the cover along with the review, though, so you can make your own mind up about that.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and the posts. Please do start or join in the conversation.

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