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How Important Is The End Of A Book?
Socratic Salon
Massively important, I say. How often do you see in reviews something like: "Fantastic book but the ending was rushed"? I have often been disappointed by an ending and it spoils the book for me. See what these readers think.

The Joy Of Discovering Lost Literary Gems
Anne O'Neill for The Irish Times
"Publishers are sprinkling fairy dust on neglected books, allowing readers relish vintage finds from that other country – the past"


The Unputdownable Spirit Of The Local Bookshop
Sara Keating for The Irish Times
"Independent sellers such as Books Upstairs, Raven Books and Kenny’s have proved to be remarkably resilient in hard times, kept afloat by flexibility and the personal touch"


Tramp Press A Welcome Outlet For New Irish Fiction
Breffni Cummiskey
"Tramp Press are determined to print only brilliant fiction, 'fiction so good that it makes you want to set yourself on fire.' ... The story of Tramp Press began as a casual conversation across a desk in Lilliput Press between an intern and the office manager. Lisa Coen (the intern) and Sarah Davis-Goff (the office manager)"

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