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A Great Reader Is ...
Confessions of a Book Geek
"I wanted to put together a discussion on what makes a 'great reader' – is it someone who is well read (whatever definition you place on that), is it someone who is well versed in classics, or is it someone who reads 100 books a year? When trying to piece together my thoughts I ended up with the following post, and decided to run with it, just as it is. To all the great readers – from one Book Geek to another –"

Are You A Book Snob?
Jade at Scatterbooker
"Being a Scatterbooker, I’m definitely not a book snob in the slightest.  Sometimes I like to read ‘real’ books, sometimes I use a kindle, sometimes I’ll read a classic, sometimes I’ll read something ‘trashy.’ I don’t have any particular genre that I will only read at the exclusion of all others, but there are a few genres that I enjoy more than others. I also would never dare to criticise anybody for which books they choose to read or which format they read it in and why on earth would I even care?"

Girl, 8, Strikes A Blow For Equality For "Boys Only" Books
Alison Flood for Guardian Books
"Children’s publisher Scholastic to stop gender labelling after schoolgirl demands to know why she shouldn’t read books about pirates"


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"Little Free Library Book": Guide To A Now-worldwide Phenomenon
Amy Goetzman for Minnpost
Margret Aldrich has written a book about the Little Free Library – there are now over 25,000 of them in 80 countries. This book looks fab, and I've just ordered a copy. "A couple of years ago, Margret Aldrich installed a Little Free Library in front of her Minneapolis home. The structures were popping up all over town, and she’d written about them for the Utne Reader, where she worked as an editor at the time, so she knew they were a sweet trick to foster community — not to mention an easy way to get (and get rid of) good books. Plus, she thought it would be fun for her young children."

Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Parody: Unread Book
If you enjoyed the video of the Dark Lord Funk Harry Potter parody of Uptown Funk that I included a few weeks ago, then I think you'll enjoy this:

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