Bookish news on the web this week - 4 April 2015


Baddies In Books: Obadiah Slope, The Calculating Curate
Peter Kimpton for the Guardian Books
"Anthony Trollope’s master manipulator, whose pious style veils monstrous ambition and lust, brings a timeless menace to leafy Barchester"


Literature's Most Devious Tricks
Victoria Finan for the Guardian
"To celebrate April Fools' Day, test your knowledge of some of literature's most mischievous characters – and the tricks they played on their unsuspecting victims …"

True Or False? An April Fool’s Day OED Quiz
OxfordWords Blog
"Here are ten statements about words in the Oxford English Dictionary. Can you work out which are true and which are false …or are you going to be fooled?"


Indie Book Stores Turn To Crowdfunding To Stay Alive
"In 1997 Alan Beatts founded Borderlands Books in San Francisco, and for almost two decades the indie store, which specializes in fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mystery, has weathered challenges from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and e-books. But when the city passed a law raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2018, Beatts announced he was closing up shop. The story made headlines, catapulting him into the national spotlight."


Lorna Sixsmith pointed out this crowd-funding project to me this week. I have contributed to crowd funding before, but I am very picky about which ones I support. The Pogwin book has really captured my heart, though. Apart from the book and illustrations being absolutely gorgeous, the two guys running the campaign Jamie Shaw & Chris Harrendence (and I don't know them!) seem really talented and committed to this project. I've pledged to help them. Do watch this video and see whether you would like to as well.

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