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In Praise Of Print Books
Atulya Bingham for ALLi
I find this a very refreshing view; some good points are made. "Turkish author Atulya Bingham explains why she’s going against the flow in self-publishing circles by producing only a print edition of her first book and disregarding ebooks."

Should Self-Publishers Create Their Own Publishing Imprint?
Debbie Young for ALLi
"When you begin to self-publish your own books, one of the many questions that you will be asked by whichever distribution platform you use (e.g. CreateSpace, KDP, Ingram Spark, Lightning Source) is the name of your publisher. Considering the following points will help you decide how to answer that question, to which there are no absolute right or wrong answers. However, you need to find an answer that is right for you."


Case Study Of A Book Launch
Sandy Osborne for ALLi
"British novelist Sandy Osborne, author of the highly acclaimed Girl Cop series, offers an encouraging perspective on in-store book launches, based on her experience of running two very successful book launch events at one of her local bookshops. (ALLi’s new #Authors4Bookstores campaign will include advice on how to emulate her success – more campaign news to follow shortly.)"

Author Websites, Blogs, And Book Sales Pages
Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer
Excellent post – recommended read. "Even if you start out online with a simple author website or blog, over time your online assets can easily proliferate and you might find yourself a couple of years down the road with a tangle of different sites and assets built up along the way. / Many entrepreneurial authors end up owning a variety of sites, and that can be a good thing." This is my post on a similar subject: Should Your Book Have A Website?

Social Media

Authors are tending not to like Facebook. Here are two articles explaining why the individuals are moving away from it. The comments are interesting, too. How helpful do you find Facebook?

Why I Abandoned Facebook As An Author
Adam Dreece
"I’ve been asked a lot lately by other writes, to LIKE their Facebook page. Then I tell them that I’m no longer on Facebook, really. Then I get asked, 'Why I abandoned Facebook as an author.'”

Why I Have Totally Gone Off Facebook
Terry Tyler
"The main reason, though, is that I find it rather limited. And limiting."

For an alternative view, see:

How Writers Can Get More From Facebook
Lorna Sixsmith, Write On Track
"I’ve recently come across a number of authors who are saying that Facebook, for them, has been a waste of time, that their reach has dropped, that they are finding it hard to increase their likes, that it just isn’t resulting in click throughs to their website or to book purchases. While I agree that increasing your reach on Facebook has become more challenging, I still believe it is well worth the effort."


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