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IndieReCon 2015
There are too many great articles worth reading from this year's IndieReCon. Check them out for yourself and take your pick. It sounds as though it was a brilliant event. Very well done to the organisers and speakers.

Amazon Pays $450,000 A Year To This Self-Published Writer
Jay McGregor for Forbes Tech
This is quite a long article, but it is well worth the read. The way to succeed at indie publishing is to treat it as a business. "It’s the advice from authors who’ve ‘made it’ that seems to resonate most with attendees [of the London Book Fair]. Seminars and workshops are scattered in between the stands – all packed with a baying audience that fire off seemingly endless questions. They’re all trying to piece together an escape route out of the doldrums of full-time work."


How To Create The Perfect Plus Sized Heroine
Darla G. Denton
"Back when romances began, readers could only find heroines who had the perfect 'barbie' body. Blonde, white, tall, young and skinny. / Over the decades the romance community has slowly created a somewhat wide variety of heroines to choose from. / You can now find, heroines of almost all races, colors and physical size. Although, the normal romance is still a variation on white/anglo-saxon barbie. / Lately, this past decade has brought on the rise of the plus size heroine."


eBook Cover Design Awards, March 2015
Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer
Joel's candid review of this month's submitted covers. This is well worth looking at every month.

Social media

10 Pinterest Board Ideas For Writers
Lorna Sixsmith at Write On Track
There are some great ideas in this post. (And the TBR Pile is mentioned!) "You can promote your book from day one of writing  by using Pinterest. The beauty of Pinterest is not only will your fan base wish to follow you but it is an effective way to reach potential readers who are interested in your genre – you just have to work out the best way to do that and I’m going to give your some tips in this post."

Measuring Social Media ROI
Naomi Blackburn for Bad Redhead Media
"Marketing is one of the most difficult areas to measure ROI (return on investment), but don’t fret, it isn’t impossible. There are several tools authors can use to identify the impact of their posts or their visibility in the market. The great thing is that all of the sites I discuss in here are free to use. There are upgraded versions available for those needing it, but it isn’t necessary.


Please Shut Up: Why Self-Promotion As An Author Doesn't Work
Delilah S. Dawson, Whimseydark
Deliliah thinks social media as a marketing tool isn't the way to go. Her post on this has resulted in a lot of comment. Who do you agree with? "'How do I build a platform and make money with my blog?' a woman asks. 'Build a time machine and go back to 2005 and start your blog then,' I say."

What If Authors Behaved In Real Life Like They Behaved On Line?
Tara Sparling
More on self-promotion on social media. This is Tara's very funny but all-too-true view of writers self-promoting.

The Single Most Important Reason Why You Should Start A Podcast
Jerod Morris for Copyblogger
I'm not a fan of podcasts generally, but Jerod gives a good argument for why they could be useful for authors to do.

And although I'm not a fan of podcasts, I am going to recommend one to you ...

Treating Your Book Like A Startup
Adam Dreece for Successful Author Podcast
"In this episode you'll discover: Why it’s important to periodically re-evaluate what’s important; How to map out your success just like tech startups do; Why milestone deadlines are so important; How to balance work, life, and family and STILL grow a career"

Is It Worth Partnering With A Book Marketer?
This is a worthwhile post on choosing to work with a marketing expert to promote your book.


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