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Winners Of The 2015 Indie Reader Discovery Awards
"While writing a great book is the first step, letting readers know it’s great is just as important. / And getting it in front of the right people can expand a book’s success. The winning titles are submitted to agents Dystal & Goderich to be considered for representation."

Marketing / Training

Which Social Media Platforms Should Writers Use?
Write On Track
Includes details of a competition to win a place on an online Social Media Course for Authors.
"When writing a book, you are creating a product that will need to be marketed in order to achieve sales. Whether you are planning to self-publish (where you will be doing all the marketing yourself) or to secure a publishing deal with a publisher, you will need to market your book. Your publishers will want to see that you have a loyal following on social media (yes, writers have been turned down on publishing deals as they weren’t using any social media platforms), and in order to achieve sales, you’ll need to develop good brand awareness across traditional media (print, radio and if possible, television) and social media."

Learn How To Sell More Books Using Social Media
We Teach Social
Starting 8 June. "If you are writing a book (or if you have written some), you are not just an author. You are now a business person too and you need to  learn how to sell your product, your book. It is a fact that all authors are having to embrace social media – to build fans and followers, to encourage their communities to promote their books, to increase sales and to gain more press coverage. Even if you are a published author with a publisher behind you, you are usually left on your own to promote your books."

History / Research

The Smells Of Eighteenth Century London
Regan Walker for Immortal History
"There was no sanitation. Water was unpurified and raw sewage ran down city streets in open drains. In the air, there was the famous London fog, smoke from burning coal for heat and the general dirt of the city. And that was only the beginning."

Washday Blues: Duties Of A Georgian Laundrymaid
Sarah Murden on Georgian Era website
"[I]f the house was large enough to warrant it, then a laundry maid would also have been employed, if not, then the role would have simply been added to the already onerous duties of the housemaid. The average annual salary for a laundry maid in 1750 was £5 (approx £450 in today’s money). In 1685 Hannah Woolley wrote a book which explained exactly what the duties of servants was; this book could still be purchased in the 1750’s for a mere 1 shilling."



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  • Lorna says:

    Many thanks for the inclusion Clare and I really enjoyed reading those historical posts too. Am glad I’m living in the 21st century!

    31 May 2015 22:47:28

  • Clare says:

    The courses look really interesting, Lorna – I’m sure they will be useful to a lot of writers.
    I enjoyed the historical posts, too. I would have been a hopeless servant!

    07 Jun 2015 22:30:34

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