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Why Donna Noble Is "Stronger" Than Mary Watson - A Practical Example Of The Strong Woman Myth Weakening The Story
Steven Saus, Ideatrash
This is from last year, but I've only recently read it, after Joel Friedlander tweeted about it. It's a great summary about writing strong women.


Author Rob Sinclair On Why Self-published Authors Need Entrepreneurial Skills
Rob Sinclair on Rachel Abbott's blog"
"I am very happy to welcome author Rob Sinclair to the blog today. Rob is the author of the Enemy series of thrillers featuring intelligence agent Carl Logan. He self-published his first novel, Dance with the Enemy, in 2014 to widespread acclaim and recently released the follow-up novel, Rise of the Enemy. Today Rob discusses why it’s important for self-published authors to understand that they are also entrepreneurs." See my review of Dance With the Enemy.

Feedly: Keep Up With Industry News!
Molly Green
"Feedly is an online news aggregator that works on both web browsers and mobile devices. Feedly pulls RSS feeds from the websites you want to track and compiles new content all in one place."

Doing It Yourself
Some great ideas for treating your writing as a business. "Business doctor and mentor, Peter Cronin of Alaymont International, and self-published bestselling writer, Karen Power discuss her organic rise to success in fiction, how take the “D.I.Y” route and how to leverage opportunities on your business journey to maximise potential." Read my review of Karen Power's Butterfly Barn.


How Crime Writers Can Research Police Procedure
Clare Mackintosh for The Writers' Workshop
"Whether you’re a published crime writer or an aspiring one, you’ll need to know how to research police procedure, and the prospect can be a daunting one. Perhaps you have police officers in the family, or within your circle of friends, or maybe – just maybe – you’ve been arrested enough times to add a ring of authenticity to your writing…"

The Foundling Museum: The Children's Story
Elizabeth Hawksley for Historical Romance
"Recently, I visited the Foundling Museum which celebrates the history of the Foundling Hospital founded in 1739 by the redoubtable sea captain, Thomas Coram, who was horrified by the sight of starving and abandoned infants on the streets of London. Without clean drinking water or a proper sewage system, the streets, particularly in the poorer districts, were filthy and disease-ridden. 75% of the children died before they were five and, amongst the poor, it was 90%."


Are Local Author Events Worth Doing?
Kylie Betzner
Some good tips here on attending local author events. "I met with over 15 potential new readers and sold about a dozen copies of my book .... Several of those readers recognized me from cosplay conventions. Several others were excited to hear about my book and future projects. It’s safe to say, I’ve made a few new fans who I can’t wait to see again at future events. Not only that, but I had a great time interacting with everyone who stopped by my booth."

The Best Way For Writers To Use Amazon's Preorder Feature
Penny C. Sansevieri, Live Write Thrive
"Now that Amazon is allowing preorders, I see a lot of authors jumping on the preorder bandwagon, and while that’s great, there’s a lot to consider before you do this. First, if you aren’t familiar with the Amazon preorder, let me explain how it works. / In a minute, I’ll take you through the steps to get your book into preorder, but first let’s look at when and how this may benefit you."

Sales Figures Tell All About The UK's Waning Love Of Celebrity Memoirs
Jennifer Ranking for the Guardian
"Publishing industry data for 2014 spills the beans on decline in biography and cookbook sales, while children’s literature in print rises by 10%"


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